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Where have you been in England?    

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Stimulus - Holidays in England

[Images of England]

Do the images above provide a true image of England to tourists?

Are there other images that could be included? 

The Big Enquiry Question

Which areas of England would tourists like to visit?

Purpose of the enquiry

The purpose of the enquiry is:
  • To ask geographical questions
  • To collect, record and present evidence
  • To select and use secondary sources of evidence, e.g. photographs and IT
  • To make decisions including the use of ICT

Task or outcome expected

You are based in England working for the UK Tourist Board. Using the Internet, and atlas and any other resources you are going to put together a travel holiday around England for 20 American tourists. They want to visit at least 7 destinations over 5 days. They want to get a flavour of what England is like. They want to visit a range of human attractions (historic buildings, modern shopping centre etc.) and experience several natural environments (rural [countryside], coastal etc.). They can travel a maximum of 320 kilometres (200 miles) per day. They begin and end their coach journey at Heathrow Airport.

The Task

Stage 1: Preparation

  1. Identify 7 places across England that you want the tourists to visit. Remember these must be both human and natural attractions. You can find these in an atlas, in leaflets or take a look at these web site for some ideas -
    Explore England Enter the web site. Click the regions button at the top of the page - this allows you to select a region. You will then be presented with an outline of some of attractions in that region. There are also links to web sites covering each region in more detail.
    Destinations in England  

  2. In pencil label the location of each of these places onto an A3 outline map of England. If you don't have one you can download and print one off here.

Stage 2: The Logistics

  1. You now need to decide on the route. Remember the tourists can only travel 200 miles per day. You may have to change your destinations if you can not plan your tour around this. Also, the tour is to last 5 days from 10am on Monday 10th August (when the flight from the USA arrives) to 10pm on Friday 14th August (when the flight to the USA departs).
  2. On your map you need to display the outline of the five days. Include the following information:

i. For each day identify the journey e.g. Day 1 - travel from Heathrow to Cambridge

ii. Identify the approximate travel time for each journey

iii. Identify the distance between each location along with a description of the route

iv Identify the main human and natural attractions of each destination.

Using a desk top publishing package put together a poster to advertise the tour you have planned. You should include a map, photographs of the destinations and an outline of the main features of the tour.

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