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Country Studies - Brazil    
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Brazil is the largest country in the continent of South America and is the 5th largest in the world! Only the Russian Federation, Canada, the USA and China are bigger. Click here to view a map showing Brazil's location in South America.

Brazil lies on the eastern side of South America. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and on the west by the Andes mountains. Brazil lies on either side of the Equator (0°), with part of the country in the northern hemisphere but most in the southern hemisphere. Brazil stretches from about 5° north to 32° south and from 35° west to almost 75° west.


Location: South America

Status: UN Country

Capital City: Brasilia

Main Cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte

Population: 170,000,000

Area [sq.km]: 8,547,404

Currency: 1 real = 100 centavos

Languages: Portuguese

Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant

At its widest Brazil is around 4,300km wide.

From north to south Brazil is 4,400kms

Brazil is around 35 times larger than the UK

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