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GCSE Geography Coursework  
GCSE / Coursework / Chapter 6
GCSE Geography:

Coursework Outline
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Method

Chapter 3 - Data Presentation

Chapter 4 - Data Interpretation

Chapter 5 - Conclusions

Chapter 6 - Evaluation

Guide to Chapter 6 - Evaluation

In this section you need to describe how the enquiry process can be improved by questioning how the reliability of the methods used to collect the data have affected the accuracy of the results and validity of the conclusion. Answer the following questions:
o Have you collected enough data?
o Have you had any problems collecting this data?
o Describe the disadvantages of the techniques used o Would your results have been improved if you had collected more data, different data, data at a different time or data with a different method?
o How might you improve your methods if you repeated the study?
o Do you think your results are accurate?
o If your results are accurate/inaccurate are these the result of the methods used?
o Identify which results support your hypothesis and give reasons
o Identify which results reject your hypothesis and give reasons
o Explain why your conclusions might not be applied to other similar examples
o Explain why your conclusions might be invalid or wrong
o What needs to be done to:
1. Increase the accuracy of results
2. Increase the reliability of methods
3. Increase the validity of the conclusions

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