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Making Connections Homework Guide

Section 1 - The World

It is a good idea to use an atlas to complete this section of the project.

Question 1 - Use a dictionary
Question 2 - Use a dictionary
Question 3 - Use an atlas
Question 4 - Use the index in an atlas. This is the information in the back of the atlas. The name of a country is followed by the name of the continent in which it is found.

Section 2 - The World in my life

Question 1 - It would be a good idea to present this information in a table. An example is shown below:

Location (place)
News report
Take away meal


Question 2 - Your map does not show the boundaries (boarders) of countries. Therefore take great care when labeling the locations onto your map. It may be a good idea to draw the boundaries of the countries which you label. Use an atlas to complete this.

Section 3 - Holiday Choices

Question 1 - Make a list of the information you want to collect about people's holidays (remember it is entirely up to you what you investigate). Here's an example of a question - Where did you go on your last holiday? or Where did you go on your favourite holiday? Try to develop at least 5 questions.

Question 2 - Ask at least 10 people your questions. The more people you ask the better your investigation will be.

Question 3 - You now need to present your findings. You could use graphs etc. to show your results. This could include a bar graph to show the holiday choices of the people you interviewed. Try to use as many different ways to present your data as you can. See your teacher if you need help with graphs.

Question 4 - Describe what your results show. Say where people have been or want to go etc. Make sure all your data is covered!

Question 5 -Try to explain why your results are like this. Why do you think people make the choices they do about their holidays?

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