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INS / GCSE Coursework
GCSE Geography:

Coursework Outline

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Method

Chapter 3 - Data Presentation

Chapter 4 - Data Interpretation

Chapter 5 - Conclusions

Chapter 6 - Evaluation


This coursework investigation is worth 25% of your final GCSE grade!

The key question you are going to investigate is:

How far do people travel from to get to National Park Honey Pots and why are people attracted to these areas?

You will complete this investigation in a series of sections or chapters. These chapters are:

o Chapter 1 - Introduction
o Chapter 2 - Methods
o Chapter 3 - Data Presentation
o Chapter 4 - Data Interpretation
o Chapter 5 - Conclusions
o Chapter 6 - Evaluation

This section of the web site contains a guide for each chapter of the investigation. These guides will tell you what to do for each chapter. They will also give you top tips on how to do well in this investigation.

Finally, it is essential that:

o You meet all the deadlines set
o You ask your teacher for help if you need it o The work is your own (not copied)
o Your work is presented neatly and accurately (preferably using a PC - at least 2 pieces of your work must be completed using a PC. It is preferable if all your work is produced using a PC)


Good luck and do your best!

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Coursework Booklet

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