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INS / GCSE Unit 5 Natural Hazards
GCSE Geography:
Natural Hazards

[Natural Hazards]: n Natural phenomenom that pose a risk to human life

Unit Outline
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Global Distribution of plates/Tensional and compressional margins

Formation of fold mountains / earthquakes / volcanoes

Human activity in young fold mountains

Effects and responses to a volcanic eruption [Mount Etna] and an earthquake [1999 Turkey earthquake]

Advantages and disadvantages of settlements in areas of tectonic activity

What factors influence the effects and response to tectonic activity?

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In this unit you will examine the global distribution of volcanoes and earthquakes. You will examine the cause and effects of earthquakes and volcanoes. You will also estudy the way humans attempt to manage the impact of natural hazards.

Natural Hazards
Hazards Booklet

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