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Welcome to INS Geography Department
[INS Geography Department]: n Study Zone for Geography students at Isaac Newton School.
This web site is for students studying Geography at Isaac Newton School, Hull. On this site you can download homework projects, download notes to help you with your studies and get help from your teachers.

Do you need help with your homework / class work? Check out the the current homework guide for your year group. You will find lots of useful hints and tips here. You can also download another copy of your homework.

Current Homework Guide
You can find out background information to the topics you are studying below in the Unit Selector.
If you still need help either ask a geographer on the Internet Geography notice board or send an EMail to Mr Bennett by clicking here. Remember, we can't do the work for you but we can provide you with guidance.


GCSE Geography - What will I study?

Students opting for GCSE Geography in Year 10 follow the AQA Syllabus A. The units you will follow are listed below. All homework, revision sheets and resources will be posted on this web site along with an outline of each section of the course. You will study a total of six topics. These are Population, Ecosystems, Tectonic Activity, Coasts, Managing Resources and Agriculture. You will also complete a coursework project worth up to 25% of your final GCSE.

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