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Internet Geography Podcast
There are several ways you can listen to our podcasts. Either download them direct from this site by visiting the podcast download page. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the podcast below.
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Podcast Feedback
Internet Geography is experimenting with the introduction of Podcasts. We would appreciate feedback on our first Podcast covering Waves and Coastal Erosion. Please complete the feedback form below . Your personal details will not be shared with and third parties.


Creating a Podcast
Creating a Podcast can be a daunting prospect particularly for those people who have little experience of using I.T. In order to produce a Podcast you will need a microphone and Podcasting software. We used a free software program called Audacity.

Internet Geography has created a simple guide on how to create a Podcast using Audacity. You can download it here.

Once you have created your podcast what next? Take a look at this fantastic tutorial from podcast411.

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