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What is an Ecosystem?
What is a biome?

Tropical Rainforest

Where are tropical rainforests found?
What is the tropical rainforest?
What is the structure of the tropical rainforest?
How did the tropical rainforest get like this?
How has the vegetation adapted to the climate?
What is the impact of humans on the rainforest?
What is the future for the tropical rainforest? - Sustainable Development


Where is Savanna found?

What is Savanna?
How did the Savanna get like this?

What is the impact of humans on the Savanna?
What is the future for the Savanna? - Sustainable Development

[An image of a buttress root]
A buttress root supporting a large tree in the Amazon Rainforest
Image provided courtesy of Jungle Photos (www.junglephotos.com)


An ecosystem is a living community of plant and animals sharing an environment with non-living elements such as climate and soil.

Ecosystems exist on a variety of scales. An example of a small scale ecosystem (micro) is a pond. A medium scale ecosystem (messo) could be a forest. The tropical rainforest is an example of a very large ecosystem (biome).

Sunlight is the main source of energy. This allows plants to convert energy by photosynthesis. This provides food for some animals, birds and fish. These are called Herbivores. The other animals eat the animals that have eaten the plants. These are Carnivores. This process is called the FOOD CHAIN.

The World has many different ecosystems. Each one has its own climate, soil, plants and animals. Very few ecosystems are natural today because of human activities. More ecosystems are under threat than ever before and need protecting.

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