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What are urban landuse models in LEDCs like?
Urban landuse use models for LEDCs are very similar to those for MEDCs. The pattern of landuse however, is very different.

What are shanty improvement schemes?

Over time shanty towns tend to improve as many local authorities are working in partnership with charities and local residents. There are three main schemes for shanty town improvement. These are:

Site and service schemes - these involve people being able to buy or rent a cheap piece of land on which they build their own home. They are provided with connections to services such as water and electricty and have good transport links

Self help schemes - these involve the residents being provided with building materials which they use to construct their own homes. People are given training and tools to do this. Low-interest loans may be provided to help people do this.

Rural investment - this involves improving the quality of life in rural areas to encourage people to stay instead of migrating to urban areas.

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