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Safari route in Tsavo National Park

Source: Simone Roda, Flickr

Tourism in and LEDC - Kenya
Kenya has two very distinctive environments that attract tourists.
These are the coastline of the Indian Ocean and wildlife parks. As
part of package holidays foreign tourists often spend a week at each.

Beach holidays
Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found along
Kenya's coastline between Mombassa and Malindi. White sandy beaches,
the coral reefs and the warm Indian Ocean attract tourists from around
the world. Water sports such as scuba diving are very popular

The satellite photograph below shows Mombassa. notice the sandy beaches and coral reef.

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Safari holidays
Kenya has a number of National Parks. These include Samburu, Massai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo. Attractions in the National Parks include the range of wildlife (examples include the big five – elephant, lion, leopard,
rhino and buffalo), bush safaris with English speaking guides,
trekking , a chance to sample local culture (e.g. the Massai Mara) and
the stunning scenery.

Problems  associated with tourism in Kenya
Tourism in Kenya is not without its problems. There are a range of
issues relating to tourism in Kenya. These include:
1. Falling numbers of tourists
2. Conflict with local people
3. Damage to the environment

The introduction of ecotourism is an attempt to overcome these problems.

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