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A view of Rio de Janeiro

Benefits and problems of tourism
Tourism can bring both benefits and problems to an area.

Positive effects of tourism

  • Ceates employment opportunities for local people
  • Promotes cultural awareness and can help preserve local culture and
    traditions e.g. Masai Mara in Kenya
  • Income from tourists can be used to develop local infrastructure and
    services e.g. new roads and airports. In LEDCs  money can be spent on developing access to education, clean water and sanitation
  • Foreign currency can help local people
  • Natural features that attract tourists in the first place can be
    protected using income from tourism

Negative effects of tourism

  • Tourism can have a negative environmental impact. This is at a range
    of scales. The increase in air travel has contributed towards
    increased carbon dioxide emissions. On a local level natural features
    that attract tourists are themselves under threat due to human
  • Often local people are employed in low skill, poorly paid work in
    unsatisfactory working conditions
  • Travel agents, airline companies and hoteliers benefit more than local
    companies when holidays are booked to destinations in LEDCs
    companies based in MEDCs set up luxury hotels in LEDCs. The profits
    usually return to MEDCs. They also create more competition for locally
    run guest houses
  • Help destroy local culture and traditions
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