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What is Geography?
If you have resources related to this topic that you would like to share please EMail them here.

The following resources have been developed to support the What is Geography? unit developed by the QCA.
What is Geography? Scheme of Work
(154 KB) MS Word Format
Based on the QCA SOW. Adapted by Anthony Bennett.
What is Geography? Lesson Plans
(345 KB) MS Word Format
Lesson plans based on the above SOW
(71 KB) MS Publisher Format
(123 KB) MS Publisher Format
(211 KB) MS Publisher Format
(220 KB) MS Publisher Format
(319 KB) MS Publisher Format
(809 KB) MS Publisher Format
(224 KB) MS Publisher Format
(69 KB) MS Publisher Format
(538 KB) MS Publisher Format
(69 KB) MS Publisher Format
Powerpoint presentations to support lessons. See SOW to find out the general contents of each.

Challenge Box - Activity 1
(38 KB) MS Word Format


This is a table containing a range of extension activities for students to complete. The activities involve a range of thinking skills and follow Bloom's Levels of Thinking. More able students should be encouraged to complete the activities towards the bottom of the table. Please note: These activities are not a substitute for well planned tasks, matched to the pupils' next steps in learning, or appropriately planned enrichment and extension activities. The idea is to fill tiny moments with small enjoyable gems of learning. They should occupy no more than 10 minutes during a lesson
Challenge Box - Activity 2
(31 KB) MS Word Format
This is an enquiry based on investigating a local settlement. This can be set as extension work or as an individual project for more able students
Lesson Starter Activity
(31 KB) MS Powerpoint Format
Powerpoint lesson starter based on OS map symbols
Geogrpahy Passport - Homework Booklet
(131 KB) MS Word Format
This is a booklet to support the unit. I have adapted it from one found on the Internet. Unfortunately I cannot credit the author as I am not sure who it is. However, if you know the author or if you are the author please get in touch!
Resources to support lessons: A collection of resources to support lessons. These are a range of resources that target SEN and G&T students.
Atlas Challenge
(42 KB) MS Word Format
Activity aimed at improving the pupils use of an Atlas.
Human and Natural Features
(212 KB) MS Word Format
A card sort activity for students to identfy human and natrual features in geography
Introduction to Geography - SEN
(127 KB) MS Word Format
OS maps and grid references
(48 KB) MS Word Format
Our local area enquiry
(73 KB) MS Word Format
Persuasive Writing Frame
(24 KB) MS Word Format
Using an Atlas
(38 KB) MS Word Format
Review Activity
(48 KB) MS Word Format
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